On the Obsession of Productivity

We are in a time and age where self-worth is now equated with how “successful” we are at “work.”

Who actually defines success to begin with? What about “work” as work? Who gave us this belief that we cannot achieve satisfaction in life without constantly being “productive”? What does productive really mean anyway? If it is “achieving or producing a significant amount or result” (according to Google search), then why do we discount intangible sometimes countless results of inner work?

More importantly…Why do we completely PANIC when we have more time to ourselves, time off of work that is?

Where did time that is meant for inner growth and reflection go to?

Why do we feel guilty about this time?

Why do we beat ourselves up for “wasting time”?

What messages are we really sending to ourselves?

We feel so anxious to spend this time alone seemingly “doing nothing.” This time not only scares us, it frightens us deeply. We are left alone, with ourselves. Just us. No distractions, no escape mechanisms, and this daunting realization hits us; we cannot run away anymore, there is no where to hide.

You look at the mirror, facing yourself, and your biggest fear of your self, you hear that inner critic voice speaking, screaming, deafening you. You want to fall apart. You cannot stand still and look at it, so you fidget and shake, sweat dripping, but it is cold, you feel so cold. What is happening?

That voice comes alive again, “You were never good enough.” You try to desperately shake it off, but that is it, isn’t it? That was the whole message that drove you to work like crazy, you were trying to shush it, to prove it wrong!

It isn’t true. It never was true. Look at it, go to the source of it. Examine where it is really coming from, and how it came to be. It’s figments of broken memory and flawed messages. It’s assumptions of what the “right choice” is. It’s misplaced praise and rejection of failure, the core essence of growth. It’s a fixed mindset that is stuck in the shallow parts of learning. It is a blindfold on your vision, deceiving you to believe the world is operating on darkness. It is a misinterpretation of an attack, a fierce one, that ends in nothing but chronic suffering.

You can stop now. You can let your guards down. There is no one you need to prove yourself to, no one, not even yourself.

All you need to do is to let go, and simply be.

Nothing more than being, your genuine authentic self. You already have all the light you would ever need to navigate through this world. It’s not fleeting, it’s not fading. It’s your innate power.

Thank you for reading!

Can you identify that inner critic voice within you? How have you felt it affected your life?

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