What Are Allergy Triggers? how Air Purifiers can remove them?

The allergic people or if anyone have asthma, the person is sensitive to triggers to asthma due to these particles carried in the air. This air should be purified or filtered to avoid these allergies by the use of indoor air purifier devices.

The allergy triggers can start a response in lungs and other parts of your body. These Triggers are found indoors or outdoors. these allergy Triggers may be as follows:

  • Cold air.
  • Second hand smoke of Cigarettes and wood smoke.
  • Fragrance, paints smell, hair spray, or any intense odors or fumes of any fire
  • Allergens such as dust mites, pollen, moulds, pollution, pet dander or hairs.
  • Common cold, influenza, and other respiratory diseases.

The above list is only a small part which triggers allergies, there are several other reasons indoor to cause, very important to understand the problems created by these triggers. sometimes you may need help of a doctor. He may suggest:

  • Having an asthma diary.
  • Skin testing to test for allergies.
  • A specific diet to watch for food allergies.

Finding triggers is quite difficult task to do but Air Purifiers are the best devices to remove these triggers by filtering the air from these triggers.

While you don’t know the triggers, try to limit your exposure by using 6 filter system of Air Purifiers with ESP, HEPA, pre filter, ionizer , UV and carbon filters.

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