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Aug 23 · 3 min read

The health & tech players have recognized the same and are prepared for the next round of technological advancements in the industry. In this issues, companies operating in the healthcare industry are featured after a thorough research. These players have been at the forefront of the innovations in happening in the industry.

RecognizeApp: The incredible journey of recognizing deserving employees

On the cover, we have, Alex Grande, the Founder and CEO of Recognize. RecognizeApp an employee recognition & staff rewards technology solution for medium-sized businesses…

Vee Technologies: The inception of delivering extraordinary outcomes

Vee Technologies, a leading global business process management company, headquartered in New York and Bangalore. Chocko Valliappa’s contributions have been unparalleled in helping Vee Technolgies serve the top ranked hospitals and insurance companies with quality services…

The Masters of Urgent Care Need to Become Masters of Urgent Innovation by Greg Kefer.

When the citizens of Santa Monica, California woke up one morning in September 2017, they found themselves smack in the middle of a technology disruption event. It wasn’t one of the gradual, everyone-saw-it-coming events like those that took down Blockbuster and Kodak. This was literally an overnight disruption…

eTherparyDocs: A journey of a platform that makes practices thrive

The EMR-EHR industry’s focus is quickly moving toward that ability to interconnect different system together in order to share data. With new meaningful use requirements, healthcare practices will be forced to participate in the health information exchange in order to receive payment for services…

Kaaspro: A tale of company bringing doctors and patients together

Recognizing what would future hold for the healthcare landscape, one firm started building the most reliable and affordable services and solutions to clinicians and healthcare facilities — Kaaspro, the exclusive health information technology services provider…

How I Helped a Healthcare Startup Grow 1200% in 90 days by Shanee Moret

When this B2B healthcare startup reached out to me at 11:15 pm on a Friday night, I was having a glass of a California red blend over dinner at Louis Bossi’s. Although an unusual time for an inbound lead, me being me, I replied in less than 15 minutes…

Improve Employee Productivity and Decrease Healthcare Expenses with a Hospital Wellness Program

Partnering with a hospital system is the best way employers can connect with their employees and reduces costs. As the health care model moves more towards value-based care, the role of wellness programs in the workplace continues to evolve…

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