Isn’t it funny how we celebrate our birthdays each year and mature with age, but still have no clue about how old is the universe Although, age may be looked upon as just a number, nevertheless when it comes to our universe it is quite a ponderous situation.

How old is the universe?

Various researchers have collaborated to one finite result, which clearly states that the universe we reside in is 13.8 billion years old. But, how can that be possibly deciphered? We count our age from the year we were born, but that is not definite when it comes to the universe. Then how…

Best Sci-fi fonts and Tech Fonts of 2019

Over the years, with the advent of technology and innovation, the dynamics of everything have changed. Fonts used to be an add on to the text and all you had to look out for was your heart while deciding which font to choose. Typography has now changed however, and so has its needs. Font now plays a significant role in the visual communication. A good design has at its center, the right choice of

font. Even the most amazingly-designed websites or brochures can fail you if the font is not right

On the bright side, hundreds of font options are…

Happy ThanksgivingDay!

We would like to thank all our patrons who have been with us through our journey. A special thank you to all our clients for believing in us and trusting our services.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!

The Sweetest Languages in the World

The Sweetest Languages in the World: The evolution of man into a superior species compared to animals happened due to several advanced discoveries. One of them was the mode of communication i.e. language. Today, there are over 6500 languages spoken around the world. Over the years languages have changed considerably and they are not restricted to their native speakers only. People now tend to learn various languages of their choice as per their popularity and beauty. Let’s find out the top 5 sweetest languages in the world.


Originated from Sanskrit, Bengali has been ranked…

I remember my favorite childhood story — Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. Of course, many more stories have captured my attention since then. And we all like a good story.

Stories have now crept into marketing and advertising with increasing frequency. If you still watch television, for example, you have probably seen stories of Progressive Insurance Company’s Flo, or Afleck’s Duck, or Geico’s gecko. They even have their own social media pages.

Speaking of Social Media

Most of us have personal media pages with news feeds that are updated almost minute-by-minute. …

Tactics to Order Multicultural Teams Toward Production

Diversity Can Be Strength, But Isn’t Always

You know what’s truly diverse? The aftermath of a tornado. The wreckage is so diverse it’s unpredictable. However, that’s not really something productive, is it? But a painting often has a massive diversity of color in it — all those different shades work harmoniously together, bleeding in and out of one another, and ultimately making something breathtaking.

A painting with rich color is often preferable to one that is only black, white, and gray. But a painting with all colors thrown haphazardly at the canvas isn’t pleasing to the eye. There must be…

Target Robotics: A Leader of the Robotized Age

Robotics is a fascinating product of automation, that combines man’s intelligence with the power of technology culminating a promising industry for the present and the future. With a vision to stimulate the growth of automation, Luis Villalon an electronic engineer made a remarkable entrance into the field of robotics with his very own venture, Target Robotics. His disruptive knowledge about the product has not only magnified the idea of innovation but has also given birth to a company that is the most experienced and biggest automation company in Mexico today. …

Penguins ASI Paves the Way to the Future of Robotic Systems

Technology has made a revolutionary impact on the world today. It has made life easier, convenient and given us access to the virtual world of gadgets at the click of a button. Digitization, automation, artificial intelligence, IoT, robotization and many more are the spectacular products of technology. Taking a leap in technology with advanced methods is robotization today. The application of robotic systems has culminated businesses into fast-paced, developing and revolutionizing entities. With a view to explore this masterpiece of technology, Penguin Automated System Inc (ASI), has raised the…

The Five Senses of Robotics; Article by Oliver Mitchell

Healthy humans take for granted their five senses. In order to mold metal into perceiving machines, it requires a significant amount of engineers and capital. Already, we have handed over many of our faculties to embedded devices in our cars, homes, workplaces, hospitals, and governments. Even automation skeptics unwillingly trust the smart gadgets in their pockets with their lives.

Last week, General Motors stepped up its autonomous car effort by augmenting its artificial intelligence unit, Cruise Automation, with greater perception capabilities through the acquisition of LIDAR (Light Imaging, Detection, And…

How Rethink Robotics Redefines the Future of Robotics

There was a time when robots were just a thought in our heads and robotized operations were only a dream. However, technology progressed and made this dream into reality. Today, robotization has become a part of daily life. Major factories, manufacturing industries, companies, and many more depend on robotics to a large extent. A fascinating innovation that simplifies and reduces human labor and delivers work efficiently, eliminating the risks of errors. Taking robotics to the next level, HAHN Group took over the Rethink Robotics assets in 2018. The original company was founded…

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