Triumph survived eight days in the administration were: Bangladeshi, Rumana.

Rumana Ahmed, the current president of the United States of Bangladeshi origin in the administration of Donald Trump served eight days. He was a senior adviser to the office of the National Security Council.

Triumph anti-Muslim measures are taken recently stepped down from the White House added. The Atlantic magazine on Thursday that he wrote a column expressing his feelings.
 In 1978, in the hope of a bright future, Rumana’s parents moved to the United States from Bangladesh. Rumana hijab all the time in the White House worked hard to become an apprentice. Former President Barack Obama during his job in the West Wing.
 Rumana writing, “said the 014-deputy national security adviser to the National Security Council, a job offered to me. Two and a half years, I have advised the Muslims to communicate with President Obama and Cuba, the laser to improve relations with women and young entrepreneurs from around the world to have worked. “
 Rumana’s deed of tolerance and peace and he has described as a true American thought. At the same time, his ideas and independent thought ‘religion. The Triumph wins elections if the situation deteriorated. Rumana initially considered leaving the White House, so that he can represent the American Muslim community positively. However, not all according to plan and the new administration was not friendly at all.
 Rumana wrote, “Triumph of the White House in a few days I was strange, terrifying and confusing. Reagan administration as one of the staff said, “This place is chaotic. Bungle. I have never seen such before. “
 According to Romana, in the West Wing of the White House decision-making process is entirely in the hands of a few people came. He angered the White House staff and their controlling most of that was due to mistrust grew without their consent.
 Rumana said, “there was no structure or clear direction. Bhuturerakama quiet halls of the National Security Council in important positions still to come.
 January 20 was sworn in as President of the United States billionaire Donald Trump. Since then, he has come under debate in various decisions, including a ban on Muslim. Due to confidential communications with Russia were criticized the last trump.