Surviving the content era…

“Traditional marketing talks at people. Content marketing talks with them”

While discussing with a friend the importance of content, we agreed on one point. Today’s content is not what can be consumed tomorrow. Content that is getting generated is such a short term one that what we read today makes no sense tomorrow.

28% of all time spent online is spent on Social Media. Microblogging sites are capturing over 13% and over millions of blogs are written every month. What we see online is a part of content and it’s rarely a consumable one.

A few years ago there was a distinction between content creators and consumers. Producer created TV series and the whole family watched it with a popcorn box. Today is much different. Everyone is a creator and everyone is a consumer. I write, you read. You design, I develop. He creates video, we all watch it on FB.

We believe there’re a few aspects that needs to be taken care of while creating content. A few guidelines and a few concepts.

  1. Every article is a product: Steve Jobs wanted the interior of Apple products to be as awesome as were from outside. He wanted each single part to be perfectly designed and incorporated. When you’re a content creator, the same is expected. Every single word should have a meaning. Every sentence should add value to the title.
  2. Create immortal content: Viral content brings short term success. A few days back my entire FB wall was filled with contents from ScoopWhoop and BuzzFeed. Today I no longer see any of that shit. People quickly forget what happened yesterday. We’ve seen so many companies reaching an epitome of success and failing quickly because everyone got into creating what was popular. We never see Apple launching a phone every other month. Creating a content that doesn’t die with time is an art and to perfect that one needs to look for inspiration. From within and from outside.
  3. Create something that nobody else is or make same thing in a way nobody else can: This requires perfection, perseverance and all the more vision. I loved GoPro. It was something that solved a basic problem. There were millions of cameras available but none had the one capability. Whenever I write, I try to write something from various perspectives and it has only taken me another mile.

The content era has just started and it’s going to get all the more interesting. We’ve yet not explored all content formats and social media is evolving like never before. If you are a content creator and want to create a legacy, we’d suggest you to not run a rat race. Create something that matters.

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