Vasan Amma’s Green Chutney Plus

The refreshing green chutney can match with almost everything!

Green chutney is a popular Indian condiment that goes with almost everything from samosas to idli and sandwich. At its core, green chutney is a puree of coriander, chilies and other regional variants.

To check the consistency of the raw chutney puree

Different from most chutney recipes I’ve seen, the final touch of Vasan amma’s green chutney, which is rather rare to be found, is to mix the raw chutney puree into the hot oil that she just fried some mustard seed with. It’s said to mitigate the grassy smell of the raw mixture and bring out the aroma of the herbs.

Mix the puree with hot oil

This rich green chutney ( I would say green chutney+) , as you can see from the video, is made of not just one green element that makes the chutney something more than standard coriander chutney out there; moreover, the coconuts gives it a southern flair where coconut palms dot the landscape.

Ingredients to make the green chutney PLUS!


coriander, green chilli, ginger, tamarind, fried urad dal, dried chilli from india (dark red/brown), dried coconuts used here (but it tastes even better with the fresh coconuts), salt, water


- After grinding all the raw materials with some salt and water, the mixture is almost done.
- Set the mixture aside and heat up the oil in the pan to be used.
- After the oil starts to splutter, add the raw mixture to hot oil and stir to mix well
- Let it cool down to lukewarm/room temperature then get ready to serve!