What’s going on here are the investors pushing the ideas they like not caring one bit about the…
Mateja Klaric

But surely they have to realize that not caring about the users will chase them away, and Medium will fold. One big thing Your Friends @ Medium need to work into their calculation is that, while yes, people do find Medium because of the great writing here, they stay because of the social media aspect. Our loyalty is not really to Medium, it’s to the tribes we join or develop here. I’m not sure it really is that they don’t care about our user experience. I think they have misidentified what the Medium user experience is. They’re approaching this as if people come to Medium to read hard hitting, in-depth journalism. Nope. We come for real life stories that move us like your piece:

My wife still talks about this story, it moved her that deeply. See, that captures what I’m trying to say about the Medium community in a nutshell (in hopes Medium Staff are following this thread). You and I live on different continents, and chances are we’ll never meet in person. Yet, on Medium, we have become tribe. I remember specific stories you have told here well enough to go find it, grab a link and paste it into this response. Try that on Huff Po (as one example of a “hard-hitting journalism” website that does not focus on community).

So, what I’ve been saying in this thread about the structure of the homepage and the excessive curation of topics is important. But Medium needs to know this community aspect matters, too. Whether they planned it or just got lucky, the old Medium pulled together a near-perfect mix of elements necessary to get smart, literate people to come together, bond, and share amazing creative work for free. The recent changes are doing battle against that spirit. From a business perspective, that’s really dumb.

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