Mike Essig

Daniel DeMarco is right, we are all experiencing a massive bot invasion. And Medium Staff appear to be unconcerned. One theory that might explain both of these facts (not original to me, I read it here on Medium somewhere) is that, just maybe Medium itself is creating all these bots in an effort to 1) hide the fact that since “the changes” Medium is being abandoned by readers in great number, so they’re generating fake readers to keep their numbers up, 2) boost Medium’s apparent readership in advance of selling the store and getting out of Dodge, or 3) all of the above. Or it could just be scammers preparing to start selling “10,000 Medium followers for just $39.95!” — or even some long game on the political Left to use Medium in future elections the way the Right used Facebook in 2016. Brace yourself for Fake News Friday on Medium! Yeeha. The one thing we can be sure of is that the majority of “new followers” we get aren’t real. And Medium doesn’t care.

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