Would Progressive Economics Win Over Trump’s White Working Class Voters?
Mike Konczal

Great article. I think the number one thing Hillary Clinton could do once in office to draw Trump’s supporters leftward is to establish real single payer universal healthcare that takes the burden of this concern off of everybody, including those who right now think they most oppose it. The wave of relief that would follow the actual experience of universal coverage would change many minds. My biggest disappointment with Obama as president was that he campaigned on single payer universal healthcare, but compromised in office to bring us “universal access to health insurance,” which is another thing entirely, and a far, far inferior outcome. For now, Clinton is campaigning on building on and strengthening Obamacare, but I hope that once she is in office, she, too, will change direction, and lead us instead to a working single payer model. It is an embarrassment that the most powerful economy on earth has so spectacularly failed its citizenry on this front for so long. A spectacular Clinton success on universal healthcare would solidify support for the progressive agenda for decades.