More Than One Thing Doesn’t Seem Right

Here’s some more data on this unfolding Medium feed mystery. Classical Sass recently suggested the idea of reducing the number of tags she was following in hopes that would have a streamlining effect on her feed. That sounds promising! I thought. Yesterday evening I unfollowed more than half of the tags on my list. I also unfollowed a number of publications I had followed at some time or other because I like one article I saw, but which may have contributed down the line to some of the non-relevant stuff hitting my feed. That should work, right?

When I signed on this morning, my feed had a few more posts by my friends I actually follow on purpose, but the majority was still crap I have no use for. Most showed they were in my feed because they are tagged with with the very tags I unfollowed last night. Unfollowing does not appear to at least immediately remove unwanted stories from one’s feed. Maybe it takes the algorithm a while to catch up with changes or something… But isn’t this the 21st Century? And isn’t this all happening on computers? That compute at the speed of light? I would think that if I was to unfollow a tag, then click “refresh” on my “for you” tab, everything previously sent my way because of that tag would vanish. NOPE.

But maybe if everybody keeps experimenting and reporting their findings we’ll eventually find our own workaround. Here’s hoping…

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