Hey Medium Staff! Who’s curating Lit?

Hi, Medium staff. Happy Easter! I can’t help but notice that since you launched the new Lit curation page (and thanks for that!), it’s kinda sorta being ignored. At least that’s my impression. Today is April 16th. The newest piece in the featured section is from April 11th. The 5 featured stories haven’t changed in days. I follow a lot of terrific poets and fiction writers, so I know first hand that great stuff has been published since April 11th. When I see awesome lit published, but it doesn’t fly to the Lit feature page, I am left to guess that either A) your editor in charge of Lit is being perhaps a bit too critical and not letting stuff through, or B) your editor in charge of Lit has other assignments, too, and isn’t free to pay proper attention to the Lit page. Neither of those reasons may be true, but they seem reasonable guesses.

Here’s my suggestion. Hire (like for a paycheck) one of us here in the Medium Lit writer community to curate the Lit page. Not me! I’ve got way too much on my plate already. My recommendation for Lit editor is Heath Houston. He played an April Fool’s Day joke on us that he’d been picked for just such a position, but I’m thinking maybe it was a premonition… It was, at least, a very good idea. The guy knows his stuff and he at least appears to have endless energy. I know you wouldn’t have created the Lit curation page unless you really wanted it to succeed. Please give the page the editorial resources that it needs!