I’m new to Medium.
Rahul Misra

Hey, Rahul, since you’re new to Medium, I do want to say this for the site. Before Medium announced paid memberships, and launched the new home page and phone/tablet apps, this was the best writing and reading platform on the whole internet. Hands down. What drives me to keep sending Your Friends @ Medium these testy love letters is that I know what Medium once was, and what it still is, behind the awfulness of the new design. I think the development team honestly believes thy are doing a good job and improving the user experience. Somebody has to stand up and tell them the truth. I’m trying with each of these missives to share specific, actionable feedback they can use to correct problems and start moving in the right direction. Will they do that? I don’t know. But I keep trying because I loved the old Medium and believe this platform is special and worth saving. Stick around, Rahul. Things have only sucked here for a couple of months. With a little luck and wisdom, the old Medium will return before irreparable damage is done.

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