Homepage Feedback for Your Friends @ Medium

Here are two pieces of info, from a paid member, regarding the latest iteration of the new member’s home page. Maybe you don’t know this?

This first part is about the homepage viewed on a PC. I use Firefox most of the time, but I switched to Chrome to see if the problem was a browser thing. What follows was the same in both browsers.

  1. There is no consistency to the basic sections that appear on the homepage. I sign on, and “New From People You Follow” is usually there. I click on some stories, figuring I’ll come back and read the rest. I’m interested in reading everything from people I follow. Just maybe not all at once. But much (maybe most, not sure yet) of the time, after I’ve clicked around in a couple of other sections, when I come back to the homepage “New From People You Follow” isn’t there anymore. WTF?
  2. Concerning the scroll bar at the bottom showing the new topics pages. First, it’s a scroll bar. There are no limits (or shouldn’t be if your technicians are competent) to how many topics you could show there. Yet all of the current topics are not there. Many are, but not all. Why?
  3. Still on the scroll bar. When I click the follow button for any topics, words appear saying “___ will now display on your homepage.” YET, IT NEVER DOES. What happens is that the topic disappears from the scroll bar, and DOES NOT appear on my homepage, even if I refresh the page multiple times. It’s just gone. By following the topic, I make it wholly inaccessible. By typing the topic page URL directly in the browser I can still go there, and by unfollowing the page, I can get it to appear again on the scroll bar. But that’s just stupid. Clearly this is a major glitch. It’s been like this since the day the scroll bar appeared, so it has never worked as advertised. Please fix that.
  4. Question — why is the homepage so short? With “New From People You Follow,” “You Might Like,” and “Members Only” on there, there is room for at most 3 topics. It’s cyberspace. There is no technological reason why the homepage can’t scroll on an on forever if I, the paying member, want to put 50 topics on there. Provided adding topics to my homepage is ever made to function properly, that is. Why are you limiting readers?
  5. Concerning your new “Audio” page. You announced it last night in a members email. Hey, great! Except that, when I have my new homepage turned on, there is absolutely no way to access that page. There is no link anywhere. It’s not on the scroll bar at the bottom. Worse, though, when I turn the new home page off in my settings, and go back to my old feed, there’s a text link to the audio page at the top. So, are you trying to get paying members to abandon the new home page? That is certainly the behavior you are rewarding. Think about that.

The App:

  1. A word about the Android app. On 5/17/17, there was one glorious day where my old feed reappeared, with topics at the top (not all of them, which would be ideal), and publications I follow on a scroll bar, too. It was heaven. I though, YAY! Medium has finally heard its members! Our old, great feed is back! Then yesterday, the craphole new homepage for Android reinfected my tablet. The app update you released for the new members homepage is ridiculous. It limits me to three editions a day, which I hate. It limits me to a handful of sections, which I hate. And in those sections, it limits me to maybe 5 stories. WHICH I HATE. I am beginning to feel like a lab rat that you’re running some kind of diet study on. You feed me one or two lousy kibbles at a time, slowly starving me to death. And all the while I can smell the feast of great stories off in the distance somewhere that the steel bars of your new design are separating me from. I guess the goal of the experiment is to see how much punishment and starvation I’ll take before I cancel my membership? WTF? WHAT ARE YOU DOING?

More importantly, STOP!

Thanks for listening.