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White Feather

Sometimes I wish there was a platform just like Medium that was devoted to literary fiction and poetry where that fiction and poetry is not hidden in a bottomless abyss away from readers’ eyes.

I agree 100%. My proposal for a pretty solid middle ground on this would be for Medium to hire one person (so it’s not a gigantic investment) who really knows and loves literature to curate the Lit page. So that person’s full time editorial job would be to read every story and poem posted on Medium every day and keep the Lit topics page updated daily, maybe even hourly, with the best of the best to be found on the platform. Because so much good fiction and poetry is published in Medium publications, this would naturally promote those as well. So the Lit page would become essentially a fiction and poetry “literary best of the best on Medium” publication in its own right. The 10 most applauded stories and the 10 most applauded poems could be featured in the weekly email Medium sends out to members. Readership for fiction and poetry would explode. This could be accomplished without changing a single line of code in the Medium platform software. Medium would not have to spend a dime. They’re already paying people to curate the topics pages. This would only entail assigning the Lit page to someone who truly knows and loves literature, not just someone who knows the tech side of website curation. They do an OK job now. But think what a literary powerhouse it could become in the hands of the right kind of editor. And adding a section to the weekly email blast they send out anyway would cost nothing.

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