At seventy plus years I certainly am paying attention and my understanding is that both are under…
Courtenay Smith

I agree 100% that both programs matter and both are under attack by this administration, more so by the Republican controlled Congress than even by Trump. My beef with Think Progress was/is that the lack of editing on the article suggests that the reporter drafting the story doesn’t know the difference, and that’s inexcusable in a news source.

the same battle. against the idea that our government is spending too much in its effort to have healthy and productive citizens

That’s well said. This administration, empowered by the Republicans in the House and Senate, have never in my lifetime so clearly stood out as unapologetic shills for the rich. They no longer even have the common decency to try to disguise their motives. Leaders like Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell are quite open about their belief that “government is spending too much in its effort to have healthy and productive citizens,” instead of things that “really matter” like tax cuts for the rich and increasing our already obscene levels of military spending. With these guys at the helm, government of, by and for the people is dead.

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