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What a fucking idiot.

I doubt that Eric Trump has ever set foot in a Home Depot. What he’s really saying here is that he thinks we are all idiots. That we are stupid enough to see a line at Home Depot and think it means everything is just grand, in spite of not being able to go to the doctor even when we have health insurance because the annual deductible is three mortgage payments. It’s actually a kind of gaslighting. “Look, People,” he’s saying, “your perception that you are not making it from paycheck to paycheck, that you’re falling behind, that you can expect to die years earlier than your parents did, that your kids are going to have it a lot harder than you… That’s just crazy! Look at the line at Home Depot! Why aren’t you in it? Life in America is all cheese and roses! You’re the only one who feels this way. You’re nuts!” I understand how the French felt when they stormed the Bastille.

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