Abuse? There’s some irony.

I once believed with all my being in your God.

I think you are making an assumption here regarding “my God.” This is probably a more enlightening essay series to shed light there.

He offers the “gift” of salvation for things he deems sin. We can choose him as our Lord and Saviour, or we can burn for eternity.

I don’t know a single person who believes this. I’m sure some Christians do believe that way, but honestly, I don’t know even one personally. I certainly am not one, myself. If that’s what the church you belonged to taught, I would agree you were being abused. It’s good you got out.

The Christians I know believe God is Love, and everything else flows from that.

One does not have to be a fundamentalist of any religion to find Atheist fundamentalism disturbing. A college professor who uses his position of authority to bully young Christians, Muslims, or any other kind of believer into accepting atheism as the “way reality really is” or feel stupid is every bit as bad as a preacher telling kids they’re going to “burn for eternity” unless they follow the rules and choose as they’re told. In my view they’re pretty much the same thing. They are both abusive. Neither should be tolerated.

Human spirituality is a much bigger picture than “fundamentalist Christianity” on one side and “fundamentalist atheism” on the other. The vast majority of human beings on earth are neither of those things. Those are the folks I stand with.

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