“Not All Cops” is killing us.
Briana L. Urena-Ravelo

I think you’re exactly right, Briana. I remember a horror comic from my childhood where one particular story was set in a Nazi prisoner of war camp. The prisoners rioted and managed to capture the camp. The put the Nazi commandant in “the box” where he routinely ordered prisoners isolated and tortured. They closed him in and left him there overnight. The rest of the panels are images from the commandant’s imagination, picturing all of the terrible tortures he had imposed on the prisoners being visited on himself, now that the tables had turned and he was the prisoner. When they opened “the box” in the morning, the commandant was already dead, from fear. I think something like that drives white America’s embrace of the “not all cops” myth. Most white people make a show of saying “I’m not racist,” some even agreeing on Twitter and Facebook that #BlackLivesMatter, and such. But inside, they’re shaking. They’re terrified of what they imagine will happen to them if the tables of white supremacy are ever turned. They know the truth of the black experience at their hands. They see the same dash-cam videos you do of cops committing cold-blooded murder. Most people I know at least make displays of being horrified, as any human should be. But way down deep, the commandant is quaking.

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