The Spiritual Way to Create a Financially Good Life: Part 1

I would respectfully suggest, however, that only item #8, and possibly #10 have any intrinsic connection to money/finance. I think there is a subtle danger in drawing direct lines between money and any of the others. I have known people who convince themselves that, until they reach a certain income level, they can’t be safe, be free, help others, live by their values, prevent negative garbage, create, be unlimited, or choose from a broad palette of options in life. If we convince ourselves that money is the key to any of those things, we’ll always be money’s slave. It may be true that money is the physical representation of energy, but not all energies are good or have people’s best interests in mind. There is a lot of evidence, I think, to suggest that money is an energy that likes to enslave people, so watch out. I’d be very careful about thinking spiritually about money in any way that makes it a perquisite to, or creator of, happiness. Just food for thought, MWM.

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