To clarify things, Jack Preston King and White Feather , the message received by White Feather…

It seems like one more glitch in the system that is, if everyone has the same reaction as you two have based on the face value of the boilerplate, will hurt the relationship between small pubs and writers.

It does have that potential, and it doesn’t have to be that way. I suspect that when the Medium staff get back to work on Monday, there’s going to be a big ole a staff meeting over this thread. So your instinct to make this a public discussion was very on target, Meg. For the record, my official reaction to all of this is “freeze in place.” The least likely outcome, it seems to me, is that nothing will change and these issues will just fester into perpetuity. Nobody should be making decisions or taking sides when everything is sure to change, and soon. We should all give Medium a fair opportunity to right the ship. The value of this conversation is that it shows Medium that we are indeed partners in this enterprise, that we care about the outcome for every Medium writer and editor, not just for ourselves, and that we’re good partners to have because we’re smart, we have good insight into how the various parts of this machine interact with one another, and we understand that our role is to give defined and useful feedback, so Medium can make good decisions. Yay us!