The publications are leaving because the business proposition was changed.
Mike Meyer

a one time charge of $50

It’s $75, and still totally worth it. Before I moved my blog to Medium, I was paying around $150 a year for hosting (I was on Ipower, which I not only wouldn’t recommend, I’d warn people away from), and not getting even a tiny fraction of the readership. The $75 to Medium is for your initial SSL security certificate, if I understand it correctly. But you’re right, it’s a one time charge, and after that hosting here is free. I pay GoDaddy $10 a year to host my URL. So I went from $150 a year to get a handful of readers on a self-hosted site to paying $10 a year to get thousands of readers. I’d call that the best deal on the Internet.

If you don’t care about having your own URL, blogging on Medium is absolutely free. You just launch your own publication with a URL of

For writers, Medium still has a lot to recommend it. It would be a real shame if Late Stage Capitalism killed this off, too. Those damned investors wanting their payback… Grrr….

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