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Let’s All Be Witches and Re-enchant the World

An Incantation


“The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.”
— W.B. Yeats

I’m tired of this scolding
from the haters of magic
who press their dull knives
to the heart of our longing,
who see in Wild Nature
but a mass to be measured,
and in the Soul of All Living,
but an insult to reason

I’m tired of pretending
their methods impress me,
that their double-blind studies
reveal more than blindness
to all they refuse
in advance to conceive
for fear of conflicting
the faith they believe

I’m tired of hearing
that we’re only our bodies
from men with no love
for the magic of bodies,
who find in our dreams
but the chatter of neurons,
in our deepest desires,
mere chemical churn

It’s time to remember
the Tuatha de Danann,
to sleep on the hilfort,
and learn the Sidhe magic,
till the wind has awakened,
and leaves whirl round,
till Away, come away
rises out of the ground

So, get ready to fly
past the glowering doubters
on your unlikely broom
to the place of our meeting,
our sharing the mushroom,
our dancing and dreaming,
our splitting the veil
that separates worlds

Come join me in singing 
to the Earth and the Moon,
in welcoming spirits,
in shaking the barley.
Let’s join the wild hunter,
our banners unfurled — 
Let’s all be witches
and re-enchant the world.

Inspired by the rediscovery, after 20 lost years, of:

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