The irony of being vegan and calling yourself a “health enthusiast” is evidently completely lost on…
Sarah Balfour

Humans are the only animals to ascribe morality to food

Like that’s a bad thing? Unless you are a cannibal, you are also making moral distinctions in your dietary choices. The lioness you mention would be more than happy, and more than gastronomically capable, of eating YOU and feeding you to her young. Your own evolutionary evolved teeth would chew human flesh, and your gut digest it, just as easily as do the lion’s. Yet, most likely, you don’t eat people. Why? However you answer that question, your response is going to be based far more on morality than biology. The vast majority of human beings don’t eat other human beings because our societies teach us that human beings are valuable creatures to be loved and protected, not eaten. Vegans expand their sphere of compassionate concern to include animals as well as people. And good for them. The world needs more compassion.

Regarding Forks Over Knives and the China Study. Accusations are easy to toss out there — can you cite reputable sources to back up your claims?

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