Surely it can’t be that Medium is faking accounts- I mean anyone looking to buy them out would have…
Ayesha Talib Wissanji

So many times if a medium article is seen outside of medium and a person who isn’t of Medium wants to read it they will find themselves on a page which “forces” them to sign up to read it.

Maybe… But it’s hard to square that with the sheer number. I get at least 50 new followers a day (I’ve gained 30 already this morning), and so does everyone I ask. The actual number across all of Medium must be at least tens of thousands per day. The most likely scenario, it seems to me, is that the same people who sell fake followers on Twitter have migrated here. One of the big frustrations with the bot invasion, like every single other weirdness we’ve all noticed on the platform, is that Medium staff make absolutely zero comment, or even acknowledge that they’re aware of the issue. The deadly silence on all issues leaves us to (perhaps unfairly) judge the people running this show to be either incompetent or complicit in the shenanigans. Of course we’re projecting our fears, but you’d think Medium wouldn’t want to leave us to do that. You’d think they’d want to control the narrative regarding their platform, by, say… narrating a little? But all we get is total silence from above.

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