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Make sense?

No, it doesn’t, because you are making a case for giving people other than a woman legal jurisdiction over her own body.

Consider, for example, that if the father had legal say in the fate of a pregnancy, there would very likely be FAR MORE abortions, as men who don’t want to deal with fatherhood or paying child support would have power to force the option on the woman.

You are also completely discounting the whole physical experience of carrying the pregnancy to term and giving birth. You so very casually imply, “If all these other people say so, you will go through this whether you like it or not.” That’s exactly how dogs are bred. Nobody asks the “bitch” if she wants to be pregnant of give birth. That is decided by her “owners.” You think you are being “reasonable” here, but there is a deep misogyny in your proposal. You are saying that because these various people have some personal stake in the potential future of the baby, they therefore own the mother and should be able to control her.

You almost certainly would not apply this standard to yourself. For example, in the same pregnancy circumstance, say the woman, her mother and your mother get together and decide that you should be surgically implanted with a working uterus, and you should carry the baby to term. Click the link. That’s actually possible. Are you saying that, whether you want this to happen to you or not, they should have legal authority to force it on you?

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