Monday Evening Reflections on Evil
Mike Meyer

No question, Mike, you pinpoint the historical moment we find ourselves in. Where I’m not so sure, is this:

The forces of evil want you to deny everyone else.

Which is obviously true, but then this:

The forces of emotion are our weakness. Our future is rational, logical, evolutionary ethicals, and action.

Here’s the thing. In my view, which could be wrong (or at least naive, I don’t know yet), the only thing with the power to make people really, genuinely refuse to deny everyone else, and work toward a future that includes and works for not only all of Humanity, but all the other species on planet Earth, is love. An emotion. I can’t see reason or logic getting us there. The forces of evil are not being irrational when they sacrifice the good of the many for their own benefit. They know exactly what they’re doing. They just don’t care. They are taking actions that rationally serve their goal of hoarding everything to themselves, at the expense of people they don’t love, and who they consider expendable, even a problem to be actively eliminated.

I’m not at all saying you are wrong about the moment we face, or the future we need to manifest. I’m saying that emotion isn’t going away, because it’s an essential dimension of our humanity. I’m saying that in addition to what you propose in your very insightful essays here on Medium, we also need to do some serious work on transforming our emotions. Any plan that really gets us past this moment to a future worthy of our species will have to account for the reality that we are emotional beings, who will be bringing our feelings with us into the future.

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