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One thing I’d like to add to this conversation, so you have the info. I am at home on my PC right now. My hompage shows:

New from people and publications you follow

Members only


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Your reading queue

Then the “Explore curated topics” scroll bar at the bottom of the page. There are now nine topics on the scroll bar — Politics, self, media, work, digital design, artificial intelligence, psychology, wellness, entrepreneurship.

That’s it.

Note that I follow:


Those topics do not appear on my home page, even though I clearly do follow them.

Also missing from my homepage is “Handpicked by Medium staff” (editors picks).

I also know that all of these topic pages exist:





Popular on Medium


Software Engineering




Yet there are no links to these pages on the scroll bar or anywhere else. Before the changes of 5/10/17, they were listed as text links at the bottom of the page. The way this iteration of the homepage works, I have no access to at least 12 curated pages. Out of 22. That’s more than half. When you have 50 topics, how will anyone ever know what they are or how to get to them? Looking at my current homepage tonight, it looks like after the mandatory stuff, there’s only room for ONE TOPIC PAGE. If I followed all 50 of your topics, how would you choose which ONE to display? Do you see the absurdity of this?

Thanks for listening.

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