This is normal, according to Google.
Linda Caroll

Part of what creates the roller coaster effect on the graph is that the bars are calculated relative to one another. If you have one post that goes viral, so you get a few thousand views on one day, the rest of your 30 day graph is going to flatline in relation to that viral day. A month with lots of 200 view days, a few 500 view days, a few 150 view days, is going to look fairly steady. Up and down a little, but not enough to make you seasick. But get one 9,000 view day, and all your 500 view days (and below), while much more “normal,” are going to be tiny little bars barely hovering above the baseline. Because until that 9,000 view day snakes off the current 30 day view, normal days just don’t compare.

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