Perhaps that is the single most defining belief of Christianity: a God who moves toward us, rather than waiting for us to move toward Him;
Jack, I don’t understand this concept.
Michael Stalcup

Reread that excerpt in the essay from Esra Free’s Wicca 404:Advanced Goddess Thealogy. Christianity is by no means the only religion that understands Divinity to long for relationship with us, to seek us out, to pursue us, even. I almost included a paragraph following that excerpt making the point that the Wiccan understanding of Goddess is strikingly similar, in this regard, to how I understand God’s motivation in Christianity. A lot of people on Medium have a grudge against Christianity, and view it as mean and hateful. I’m sure they’ve known Christians like that. But my understanding of God’s incarnation as Christ, and everything that follows from it, from God’s perspective, as opposed to how some individual Christians may twist it up, is “For God so loved he world” (John 3:16). Love and relationship. It’s a strikingly similar concept.

My personal experience of Divinity suggests to me that God is present, not only at death but all the time, to everyone to the degree and in the form they are open to. God is God. The variety of God forms in which humans relate to God, that’s on us.