Porn Makes Men Terrible in Bed
Emma Lindsay

Men who watch this type of porn are basically being taught sexual practices that will not work in real life… More sadistic porn will teach young men to derive pleasure from causing women pain.

Thank you for this, Emma. One thing I have found frustrating about some feminist writing on Medium (maybe everywhere, I don’t know) is that porn is either never mentioned, is supported as “sex-positive feminism,” or is simply passed over as insignificant, harmless fun. I don’t think porn is harmless at all. Anyone seriously asking where guys like Brock Turner get the idea that a woman’s consent is either irrelevant or can be assumed should start their research on porntube. Even if the consent of the women who perform in porn is granted (and their right to consent defended), it’s hard to argue that the scenes portrayed in most porn communicate anything other than “women exist for men’s use.” Porn is

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