Sentiments To Live By
Joshua Hehe

Thanks for a solid list of advice for living in such a way as to make the world a better place. There are a couple of suggestions here I’d appreciate further clarification on:

Vote in every election in your area, every chance you get.

Not so much a request for clarification on this one, just adding my own. This implies first actively educating yourself regarding the issues and candidates. Don’t skip this step. A lot of Millennials have apparently jumped from Bernie Sanders right to Gary Johnson, which suggests to me that they skipped this step on one candidate or the other. BIG differences between these two. Everyone should commit to doing their homework.

Avoid products made or distributed by corporations.

Beyond food, which can be purchased locally at farmer’s markets, how possible is it, really, to “Avoid products made or distributed by corporations?” Cars? Computers? Phones? Internet access? Gasoline? Electricity?

Foster virtues and fend off vices.

This implies that people know what virtues and vices are, and the difference between them. I would argue that the times we live in are such a mess because that’s just not the case. Examples: For corporations and the humans who run them, the greatest virtue is profit. For most politicians, the greatest virtue is the exercise of power. Both of which have the effect of vices on the rest of us. I mean that what CEOs and Presidents experience as the practice of virtue, we often experience as their practicing vice against us. For a lot of American men, the very acts and opinions they consider signs of “manly virtue” are experienced by women as oppression and control. Medium is full of examples of that. This would be great advice, if we had one set definition of “right virtue” and “wrong vice.” But who decides “right from wrong?”

Look for things greater than yourself to have faith in and serve those higher powers with genuine devotion.

This can be good an valuable advice, with the caveat that the “higher power” we find needs to be worthy of our service and devotion. Some very atrocious things are done all around the world in the name of “service and devotion to a higher power.”

But mostly a very solid list. Thank you, Joshua.

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