One poet-journalist’s review of Medium in 2017
marjorie steele

Thanks for the mention, Marjorie! I’m headed straight over to Cafe Press to make an “Empathic Imagineer” bumper sticker for my truck… I love that!

I agree with all of your points of critique. I get hundreds, often thousands of views on essays, double to way low triple digits on poetry, and struggle the most to get people to read fiction. 50 views with 10 reads is “success” on a short story. Egad. It does push one toward writing essays…

But why not ALSO have an editorial team that’s curating Medium’s deep well of brilliant creative writing?

Or even just ONE PERSON, whose sole job is to turn Medium’s “Lit” topic into a a real “Lit Mag.” Investing the salary and benefits of one knowledgeable and dedicated editor in creative writing would pay off in Medium becoming the #1 online Lit destination. It wouldn’t even be hard.

(my piece on DMT still hasn’t cracked 100 views)

It’s hard to pick a favorite of your many awesome stories, Marjorie, but the DMT piece is definitely in the running. Lots of stories on Medium are interesting. That one got me excited… Which is maybe TMI… :0)

(the only way to record your own audio is to be invited to their studio)

Does this suck, or what? I know you have a home recording studio, and so do I. When they asked about doing audio for one of my stories, I asked if I could do it. I sent them a link to one of my short stories on Medium, where I have an embedded soundcloud recording of me reading. I mentioned that I have recorded audiobooks that sell on Audible (so I actually know how to read with clear diction and master a recording). Nope, sorry. So instead of me recording my own story in an manner FOR FREE, they paid some guy probably a couple of hundred bucks to do it. They do not understand the resource they have in us.

Anybody reading my response to Marjorie, scroll up and click every one of her stories. Read them now! It was your New Year’s Resolution to expand your mind and improve your tastes, right? You won’t find a better guide…

Thanks again, Marjorie!

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