Man this got me back….. I haven't thought of some of these things in a long time

I stopped reading that way once I stopped looking at a book as some sort of magic, in it’s entirety

That’s interesting, Q. I can remember as a child seeing the books at the library as almost living things, like fairies or some other kind of magical being, like magic doorways just waiting for me to discover them and walk through. Later, as a Science Fiction reading teen, I thought of my favorite authors (Ray Bradbury, Roger Zelazny, Harlan Ellison, Arthur C. Clark, many others) as essentially a pantheon of gods. I knew they wrote these books, but it was still to me a magical thing. They were beyond human for having the power to create worlds. My aspiration to become a science fiction writer myself was a wish to ascend Mount Olympus and join the gods... What I learned in college, in pursuit of my also not very practical Literature degree, was that books are written by ordinary human beings. Which is of course true, but I can really see your point here. Learning to wield the magic yourself steals your ability to experience it as magic, at least in the same way. I’ll bet that can be overcome, though. I hope it can… Thanks for this great food for thought!

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