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It feels like the end times to me.

That’s the heart of it there, Violet. I don’t remember ever feeling that way when Barack Obama was president. Suddenly the world’s deep ugliness is everywhere on display. The Mark is probably not social security numbers, though, because in the great scheme of things the USA is not all that important, and nobody else has US social security numbers. We think we’re the biggest thing that ever happened on planet earth, always center stage in the cosmic drama, but that’s just megalomania. We’re a mad culture, now with a mad king, like Nero, who may well have been the antichrist John was referring to in Revelation. There’s different theories on that. My personal take (not original, but I don’t remember where I got it) is that the Mark of the Beast has to do with money itself. It marks our hand because we love the touch of it. It marks our foreheads because it’s all we think about. We bear the Mark when love of money has replaced love of God, and even other people, as the most important thing in life. When we love money more than anything, we’re done. We’ve gone over to the dark side and our fate is sealed. Donald Trump is the poster child for the Mark. God help us…

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