Logic would not attempt to.
Daniel DeMarco

The funny thing about this quote, Daniel, is that if you replace the word “logic” with “God” throughout, it still makes sense. For example:

God, is not a philosophical school, nor just another ‘ism’, it is form of reasoning which builds up on itself a system of ‘talking about the world’ from within. The form is solid and unbreakable because it takes nothing from the outside but only uses its own self to move to higher and higher levels of description. God cares not a whit about Taoism or Chuang Tzu’s status as a butterfly or a person. God would still be God in either case. God cares not for evidence either, as evidence implies argument and God does not argue.

What an interesting, and religious, view of logic. I don’t know what it means, but it sure is interesting.

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