The Mystery of Medium’s Lit Page

I took screenshots. Tell me what you think this means…

Here’s proof that I follow the “Lit” topic page:

Not only does a feature box for Lit NOT appear on my homepage (which is too big to take a screen shot of, sorry), it all of a sudden now also does not appear in the “topics” links list at the bottom of the homepage. I did take a screen shot of that:

It used to be there on the Topics list. In the past (since the Lit page debuted, anyway), whenever a “Lit” featured box failed to appear on my homepage (which was always sporadic, sometimes it appeared, and then next day it would be gone), I was always able to scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Lit link in the topics list.

And now it isn’t there, either.

How, then, you might be asking yourself, did I get the screenshot at the top of this story?

I went directly to the URL

The page is still there. The newest story on it is from April 26, so it would appear somebody is still curating it. Maybe it’s just a weird thing with my homepage? Is “Lit” on the topics list at the bottom of your homepage?

NOTE: Hey, somebody who is not a paid member, click the link above and see if you can get to the Lit page. Somebody told me a while back that none of the topics links appeared on her page, and she thought they must be exclusive to paid members. Well, I signed out of Medium and surfed directly to the URL above, and went right to the lit page. I’m pretty sure that means the topics pages are not locked liked the official members only content. Anybody should be able to go there just by entering the URL. To view any topic page, just type and then the topic you want, lit, science, media, etc (see the image above). Try it and let me know what happens! Thanks!