Ohhhh I see.
Classical Sass

There’s a deeper mystery here. After posting that question to Medium staff, a trolish response popped up on one of my stories, and when I clicked the little down arrow “hide this response to your story” was one of the available options (so I did). I thought “Talk about customer service! Medium staff have already put the feature back — yay!” But then I went through a bunch of stories, not to hide any responses, but just to click the down arrow and see if that option was there for all of them. In fact, it was NOT there on any of them. Why it showed up for that one response but is not an option on the rest is a mystery. I wish Medium came with an instruction manual… Until we know more, my recommendation is to check the options under that drop down arrow before you respond to troll comments. Likely if you respond or click the heart, the option disappears, since you’ve already engaged. That’s just a guess, though. Since these are our stories we work hard to write and share, I think it’s only fair that we should be able to control the “tail of the kite.”

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