The sad burden of giving a f*ck in 2016
Jamie Varon

This is amazing. I am now following you. More please!

You wrote:

To intimately know people of different cultures and backgrounds is to realize that we are not chosen or special or unique — we are simply living out an indeterminate lifetime on a planet that’s spinning in one of many immeasurable galaxies. This type of nihilism is not something people want to face.

It kills me that people experience this as nihilism. You’re right, they do, I’m not at all arguing with your point. It’s just that, for me, this truth that we are specks of sentient dust clinging to the skin of a pebble in the middle of cosmic nowhere is a glorious thing. THIS, this, this, more than anything else, holds the power to unite us. This one thing. If we can bear to drink in the delicious humility of not being special to any power in the universe, we can approach the realization that it’s OK to be special to ourselves. That’s it’s OK to care deeply about human beings and all life on earth because, damn, just look at this sentient dust clinging to this pebble. How remarkable. How valuable. The fate of humanity and life on earth matters deeply TO US, and that’s enough. Let’s save humanity. Let’s live in unity. Let’s spread to the stars. Let’s discover together the heights of human potential before a random comet wipes us out and we lose our opportunity. In the center of nihilism lies the seed of our hope.

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