I Want a Lego Pirate Ship
Jetta Rae

This is really touching. Yes, do buy the pirate ship! (an earlier response suggested don’t do it). Word of advice: when you sit down to build it. DO NOT open all the bags and dump the pieces in a pile! When my son was 7 or 8, for Christmas we gave him the Lego Castle set, which has 996 bricks/parts, according to this picture:

I knew nothing about Lego sets, so at my command we jumped gleefully in together, ripped open the bags, and made a mountain of all the pieces. Very satisfying! Until I opened the instruction book and saw… “Open bag #1. Locate these exact 5 teensy-eeensy pieces, no others will do…” Dear God. It was New Years Day before we got the thing built. I swore I’d never buy another Lego set! Until, of course, Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull came out… I mean, how could I refuse?