What Comes To Mind Is Performance Art
Vito Pasquale

This takes me back, Vito. When I was 16 (1980), I bought a used early ’70s era actual rock concert stage amplifier that was maybe 5 feet tall and five feet wide, a real monster, at a pawn shop and set it up in my bedroom. It took up literally half the room. I plugged in my J C Penney cheapo knockoff Stratocaster with the Humbucker pickups and was able to literally rattle the windows of the tiny trailer-sized house I grew up in. I had the house to myself from 3:30 ish when I got home from school to 5:30 ish when parents got home from work, so for two hours every day I tortured my neighbors with the screaming riffs of a kid who can’t play the guitar trying anyway REALLY REALLY LOUD… It was teen heaven. Or stairway to heaven, as the case may be…

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