Nature of the beat

The non-televised world with nihilistic regularity demands we question our reality, to question our certainty. Is it television that creates a certain world that was once promised by religion, by science, by our politicians, but now all evaporated? Why do we distrust everything?

This wins the contest for the deepest thought I’ve encountered today, Joe. We’ve reached the stage where TV is heaven and Netflix and chill is our prayer. Ugh.

I agree that the Enlightenment marked a split in the human psyche that has not been good for us. Perhaps another draw of television is that it consistently shows people falling in and out of love, being happy or sad, acting out anger, feeling, feeling, feeling. Even on the reality shows people scream at each other, and throw things, and wind up in each other’s beds. What if emotions has become so dampened and devalued by 300ish years of Enlightenment that we can only experience them vicariously through TV. We can’t rage at our boss or flirt with a stranger in real life, but we can watch fictional characters do it. Again, ugh. Post-trust, indeed. We don’t even trust ourselves to feel.

Great, Joe!