Jack — this article reinforces why you are one of my favorite writers on Medium.
Rand Eller

Well said, Rand. And thank you for the compliment!

The Varieties of Religious Experience is probably THE classic in the field, so yes, everyone should read it. I think a lot of people these days would be surprised to discover that there even is a variety of experiences of/approaches to the transcendent. Most of the online debates I see between believers and atheists debate the validity of the modern Evangelical Christian view of God, as if that one narrow view sums up all religion/spirituality. Once you’ve embraced or rejected it, you’re done. Not by a long shot…

Great point, too, re continuously unfolding cosmic mysteries. Science, to its credit, is always gathering new data about the material universe, and positing new theories that overthrow yesterday’s “facts.” So the common claim “Science has shown God is just naive wish fulfillment” is not only unjustified, it’s anti-science. To say 21st Century science has found no evidence for God may be an accurate statement, but that really shouldn’t surprise anybody. 21st Century science isn’t looking for evidence of God. If it did, it might find plenty. Who knows how science will describe the universe in 3018. Those who insist today’s scientific (and anti-God) worldview will never be overthrown by science itself are preaching dogma.

Thanks again, Rand!