What if “beings and forces beyond the level immediately available to our five senses” are real?
Tim Reutemann

You mean forces like electricity, magnetism, gravity, strong and weak force, chirality of complex molecules and other such magical forces beyond the level of our five senses?

Yes. And God, ghosts, pagan deities, spiritual realms, the otherworld, heaven(s), hell(s), etc. All of the things you mentioned as real that we have already discovered beyond the range of the five human senses do, I agree, suggest a perhaps infinite range to what is possible beyond even those. It’s not really “magic” at all, it’s just letting go of the human arrogance of identifying the limits of human perception and knowledge as somehow being the limits of reality. The more science discovers beyond what we previously thought real or possible, the more clear it becomes that there is more to discover, that we don’t know it all. That was your point, yes?

a magical old man with a beard in the clouds in his own image…

I’m sure some people conceive of God that way, but certainly not me:

Honestly, I think the idea of God as “a magical old man with a beard in the clouds in his own image” is a straw man erected by Richard Dawkins and his New Atheist cadre. Can you list ten actual present day adult Christians, Jews or Muslims who conceive of God in that way? It’s a silly childish reduction of a very complex idea. A straw man. If that’s how you define God, I can see why you would find it hard to believe in such an entity. But don’t worry, very few religious people believe in a God fitting that description, either. You’re not alone.