Opinions like yours are annoying.

I think the real problem, in Brock Turner’s case, is a lack of empathy.

Yes, empathy was certainly lacking, but even more fundamentally lacking in Brock Turner’s response to finding a woman passed out and helpless was basic RESPECT for women. The most basic, bedrock knowledge that a woman is a real human being, and not just a hole to put your dick in. Porn is a factor in this basic cultural problem. I’m not necessarily suggesting that there’s a 1+1=2 cause-effect relationship. I’m saying that porn one major factor, but is by no means the only factor, exacerbating the deeper problem. The core problem with most porn is not sex. It’s misogyny. Most porn reduces women to a hole to put your dick in. THAT is the problem. In our 21st Century American culture, the explicit message “Women are real human beings to be loved and respected, and who are in every way equal to men” is taught almost nowhere. It’s not taught in public schools. It’s only taught in colleges if your in in a feminist-oriented major. It’s rarely mentioned explicitly in families.Outside the feminist movement, and its expression in places like Medium, the message of women’s humanity is a low power signal being drowned out by raging currents of misogyny, not just in porn, but in popular music, and yes video games, TV, non-porn movies, etc. It’s everywhere, and it’s loud. So loud that most people don’t even recognize two competing messages here. To the extent that we form our opinions and beliefs based on the data we take in from the culture around us, anything that feeds the “misogyny signal” is contributing to the problem, and should not be beyond examination and reform. It should especially not be held exempt from examination just because a lot of people like it. Misogyny is not just wrong, it is evil. It deserves no defense.

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