Gimme the ole page feel…
Indira Reddy

YES. Limiting the curation tabs to 5 stories was a terrible mistake on Medium’s part. The new homepage is problematic on a PC, too, in that it’s no longer possible to tell at a glance what’s an essay, what’s poetry, what’s fiction, or what’s the middle of somebody else’s conversation. You so nailed the impact of these changes. Before the paid membership roll out, my biggest problem with Medium was spending too much time here, it seemed like there was always something fantastic and surprising to read. I found it hard to walk away. Now that I’m paying my $5 a month, I get just a handful of stories, curated in such a way that stuff that would have caught my eye before doesn’t, and I only get new stuff a few times a day instead of continually. Now my biggest problem with Medium is getting bored and finding something else to do because it seems like there’s not much interesting to read. But I know that’s not true. The same great writers are here. Their stuff is just getting buried. I used to discover new writers to follow every day on Medium. Now that almost never happens. Yes, I have better access to stories by people I follow, that’s true. But the novelty of the daily surprise discovery has been take away. Medium has gone overnight from a crowded party where everybody is talking at once to a classroom where all the kids have been lined up in neat rows and told to sit quietly. The thrill is waning.

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