Great post, Jack Preston King !
White Feather

so the new Lit category is not available to me

You point out something here that Medium Staff needs to give us a direct answer to. The new curation pages for Lit, Science, History, Photography etc. were never to my knowledge identified as “member only” pages. I just looked at Medium through a browser where I wasn’t signed in to my account, and sure enough, from there they were not visible. Since you are signed into Medium, but don’t have the green circle, I take it from your comment that you don’t see them, either. Which implies they are, indeed, “members only.” That’s not something I’ve ever seen Medium say out loud, though. None of the stories on the Lit page have the little padlock that means they are “behind the pay wall.” My guess (though I could be wrong) is that there is probably a way for you, signed in but not a paid member, to access the new pages, including Lit. Please, Medium, tell non-members how to access the new pages, or tell us outright that they can’t. We just want to know how things work around here. Thanks!

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