The 10 Step Process to Releasing Unconscious Memories

Finish digesting the experience, that’s all you gotta do

throw that bitch out. it’s old news.

1. Says to oneself: I don’t want to look at that [wound]. It doesn’t exist. No. Can’t go there. Too afraid. What are you talking about? Who me? Not me! You.

2. Notices: Wow! Why does the same scenario keep happening over and over again? Ouch. Ouch. Ouch.

Maybe…it is me! Maybe it is me hurting me, choosing these choices, being an asshole, a victim, an ineffective human being.

**Starts to piece together common themes and happenings, opens Pandora’s proverbial box, gets flooded with scary memories and beliefs about the world and oneself**

3. Decides they have suffered long enough and reaches out for support, resources, someone who understand the un-understandable. Begins to talk to others about said memory, previously locked away in a closet, colored with shame — and experiences being heard and valued and accepted, despite it.

4. Realizes that a person can still be loved and also have had bad things happen to them, and perhaps some weird coping mechanisms that emerge as a result. In fact, sharing one’s story actually brings them closer to others!

5. Keeps talking about said story to others over and over again. Anyone who will listen, in fact. Because therapy rocks!

6. Gets bored with these words. Would like to make all of life not about such weird, sad things. Opens to the idea that we might be able to choose the thoughts we think.

7. Begins to notice the flowers, the trees, the cool breeze, the moments of laughter.

8. Discovers that who you are is not what happened to you. Begins to identify with that which is indestructible within.

(Spiritual awakening ensues. Maladaptive coping mechanisms magically disappear. It’s a *miracle*!)

9. Never feels compelled to talk about the story again in relation to one’s identity, except perhaps as a teaching tool to help people still in the pits of their own confusion and perhaps despair realize that they can get over the past too.

10. Resumes present moment consciousness, starts creating the life they really want to be living. Becomes wise AF, because while the big bad world can get cha good sometimes, nothing in the psyche is to be feared.