Our world

Why our collective hearts cannot feel what’s around us,
What neutralized our senses we became so blind and perverted,
Inflicting mean stings to one another as a benchmark for achievement,
Pretending routinely without an ounce of judgement
That it’s a very normal way of behaving and operating
Without even realizing it couldn’t possibly be what it seems.

Engineered illusions and social coercion push us further into denial,
Everyone playing a game, the rules of which nobody agreed to or understands;
Fear, exclusion and collusion being the gatekeepers,
Of an incredible mold we became so efficient at shaping for ourselves.
Systematically and automatically eliminating any genuine intent or organic notions, that following it without reason will inevitably bring us to oblivion.

Discarding our inner feelings and unique perception of our surroundings
To fit the better suited interpretations given by society and norms
Is to forego our unique ability to relate and think for ourselves
At a time at which we need it most.

To describe a notion by words is a mere approximation,
An inaccuracy at transcribing universal purity,
That transcends any language, belief, social inheritance, society.

To follow dogmas and rules -which are complex sets of notions-
Hence seems a complete heresy.

History, the succession of precise events that led us to our present,
Could have gone many other ways to many other representations.
All fields of study and knowledge as we know it could have been
shaped so differently as a result. And the impact they have on us at
a finite point in time would have differed dramatically too.
To miss an important building component in the past is to bring about a
completely differently shaped present, with altered or missing sets of tools
we couldn’t have possibly imagined for they’d never have existed or influenced our evolution.

No society, religion or proposed organized purveyor of sense should be given the importance it has now been given: It might never have existed.

The sum of all knowledge is to convey an understanding of what may be an explanation of what surrounds us and makes us what we are, but certainly not an irrefutable absolute model.

As such, to exercise caution would be the least of preliminary action we shall apply to ourselves as individuals, to shape a collective better suited to greater challenges arising in this new era.

We have come to a point in evolution where access to knowledge is instantaneous, universal and free.

Our collective knowledge and advancement in all fields should have brought us right there, to a better understanding of life, improved social behavior and interactions, better education, new technologies…

But History brought about a new economic paradigm, unchallenged, that concentrates power at a never seen pace to fewer and fewer people.
Social fabric has been eroded. So called democratic processes ever so diminished…
We are now locked by the very fabric of our societies into an intricate and pervasive lack of responsive action.

Not only did we lose appropriate analysis tools and inbuilt abilities to decrypt that complexity, but are confusingly pitted one against another, in ever increasing social tensions, disappearance of family units or support, being denied career paths, economic self-sustainability and stability.

Everything is being overtly simplified, removed of its core meaning, sanitized; Its importance or relation to another theme drastically downsized, cannibalized to fit an age of instant information and fast consumption.

To be drowned in information is to lack understanding, thus meaning and ability to relate and build our own relation to events that surround us, the place we occupy and its importance.

We need to wake up.