Turkey Creates a New Revenue Model for Internet Cafes in the Middle East

MenaPay allows 84% of the population of the Middle East who don’t use modern banking systems or online shopping, to convert cash to digital assets, in internet cafes in their regions.

20.000 Internet Cafe in the Middle East can now have an additional income by selling MenaCash with the agreement made with Handy Cafe, the largest internet cafe software company in the region.

MenaPay, the first interest-free payment platform, dealt with Handy Cafe which has 20,000 Internet Cafes in the Middle East, to offers a digital payment method suitable for Islamic finance for the first time to the people who do not use modern banking system and use only cash. Internet cafes in the Middle East can provide additional revenue by being as a part of this digital transformation. With Blockchain technology, MenaPay Payment Platform allows people to make secure and fast payment transactions in every area of their daily lives without using the banking systems. With the MenaPay’s Reseller Network, Internet Cafes will become MenaCash provider which is MenaPay’s digital money and thus will create a new revenue model for Internet Cafes.

Cash at 20,000 points can be easily converted to digital

With the agreement signed between MenaPay and Handy Cafe in January, more than 20,000 internet cafes using Handy Cafe software will be part of the MenaPay Reseller Network. This new digital ecosystem eliminates the financial problems of the Middle East. Believing that people in the region are very important to reach MenaCash, which is the digital money of MenaPay in daily life, MenaPay CPO, ‘’As a result of our agreement with Handy Cafe, access to MenaPay’s digital currency MenaCash is much easier. Our goal in the process of building the world’s largest cashless society is that people of the region can easily access MenaCash and transfer cash to the digital. With Handy Cafe’s extensive internet café network, we will make great progress in our aim. Internet cafes next to the exchange offices, jewelers and grocery stores will be able to use MenaPay’s dealer application easily and they will be able to create an additional source of income by selling MenaCash.

Internet cafes will provide an additional in come to their existing business

MenaPay offers a brand new business model for local shops and businesses that will provide additional revenue for their current business. The 20,000 Handy Cafe points, MenaPay’s digital currency, and MenaPay, which are participating in the MenaPay Reseller Network, have eliminated the boundaries in the region for their local community as a MenaCash provider. 1 MenaCash can always be used as a common currency of the entire Middle East, and always equals $ 1. MenaCash can be used anywhere in the daily life where money is required.

E-commerce sites, restaurants, shopping malls, gas stations, and vending machines form some examples of the daily use of the MenaPay Payment Platform.

The Internet Cafes and shops participating in the Reseller Network will be able to reach a flexible income model by identifying their own commission rates as well as the expanding customer portfolio.

Thanks to MenaPay Dashboard merchants can see the records of customers

Thanks to MenaPay Dashboard, merchants can see records of customers. Using the MenaPay interface will be able to track the number, volume, customer ID, revenues of the transactions made via the MenaPay Platform and they can reach detailed reports in seconds. Merchants can access data about their customers’ payment history and their consumption habits. Reseller Network where they can regularly report their sales designed specifically for MenaCash sales.

MenaPay resellers can determine the commission rate over MenaCash and they can create their sales commission system according to price ranges. In addition, they can follow their consumer’s behaviors regularly and they will have a special platform to report their records.

Cultural integration will be ensured through the Islamic Finance Compliant and secure Blockchain system

MenaPay, which was put into service in the entire Middle East region, which has difficulty in accessing modern banking services as the first interest-free payment platform of the Middle East, provides easy control of user trust and system transparency thanks to the controllability of Blockchain technology. The MenaPay Payment Platform, which offers a transparent payment infrastructure with interest-free and more than 2 witness systems, completes all transactions with MenaCash safely and quickly via blockchain technology. Offering the first payment gateway and reseller dashboard in accordance with Islamic finance, MenaPay brings a revolutionary business model to the Middle East region by converting more than 20,000 Internet cafes to top-up point for smartphone users. This new business model is a brand new source of income alongside the existing business of physical stores. The new business model introduced by MenaPay leads the start and continuity of digital transformation in the region with the Reseller Network and new partnerships.

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